Foodies Urban Kitchen is a Los Angeles based co-packing facility that is on a mission to facilitate the growth of the specialty food trade in the local market. We specialize in the small scale artisanal brand that is looking to scale up. There is no recipe too complex for us.  We have experience with raw food, dehydrated food, vegan, paleo, keto, fermented, gluten-free, you name it we have made it. From alternative proteins to functional foods to waste reduction; we work with companies that are tackling challenges and creating solutions that change the way we think about food.

Take It To The Next Level

Through co-packing you can have all the benefits of a manufacturing facility without the burden and costs of owning one. Our expertise and facilities will help you take the next step toward reaching the retail market. By following proper HACCP and production GMP’s, Foodies Urban Kitchen meets health regulation standards and passes all required audits, leaving you free to concentrate on making your vision become reality.

Our mission is to make your food dreams possible by providing the infrastructure that enables small food operators to be successful with minimal capital expenditure and time. The goal of Foodies is to eliminate non food labor costs.

We’ve Got Your Back

To support our clients, our co-packing facility offers supplemental consulting services including: Quality control, research and development, packaging, sourcing and production assistance, sales and marketing, and hands-on classes such as HAACP training.


“Foodies Urban Kitchen is a Manufacturing Haven. We provide co-packing at our manufacturing facility and a complete set of support services unlike anything you will find at an ordinary commercial kitchen.”

Aria Starus  |  owner

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Aria Starus


Aria Starus brings a special brand of youth and passion to the specialty health food sector. Having grown up in a food entrepreneurial household,  Aria has been witness to many facets of the food industry at an early age.

Her fascination with health food, production, manufacturing, nutrition, and research and development urged her to get heavily involved in Foodology her family company. Foodology, which began in the 1980′s has been an innovator in the health food movement. A brand which started out as an urban farm in her backyard developed into a well known local and national brand that was shipped all over the country. It is here where she gained a wealth of knowledge in sales, marketing, employee management and overall company operations. The mission of Foodology, “providing affordable health food to the mainstream community” carries over into her own business philosophy.

In 2011 she started Foodies Urban Kitchen which provides small food companies the skills and tools to grow and thrive in the current food manufacturing landscape. Finally in 2012 she bought Healing Movement. She looks forward to growing this venture and educating the world on how to heal through pure foods.